258 ExoCad Most Beautiful Libraries

Discussion in 'exocad' started by blackdove, Mar 25, 2022.

  1. blackdove

    blackdove New Member

    All the beautiful dental libraries
    For ExoCad that everyone is looking for are now available .
    Note : paid link


    Download Link :
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  2. quegen

    quegen New Member

    No option to download free?
  3. kaouka2004

    kaouka2004 New Member

    I downloaded, there is a problem with the file
    D:\CAD-CAM\OLD EXOCAD\258 ExoCad Most Beautiful Libraries_2.rar
    The archive is damaged or its format is unknown

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  4. quegen

    quegen New Member

    How you download? You must be a premium account
  5. Luca L.

    Luca L. New Member

  6. Attila Gergely

    Attila Gergely New Member

    Maybe folks have an issue because its a rar file ...I have not tried to download yet but I think that might be the issue needs to be unzipped
  7. blackdove

    blackdove New Member

    Tested and download again and working fine
  8. Mapaxe

    Mapaxe New Member

    Hi bro,
    I download the file and say me: File is unknow or damaged.
    I donwload with premium account.
    It´s possible send to another server? (Mega, googledrive, etc...)
    I have 293 exocad librarys, more that you have and others.
    If you are interest, say me and upload to any server.
    Thank you in advance.
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  9. blackdove

    blackdove New Member

    sorry not possible and I downloaded link again and working fine with me , I cant share it on free link .
  10. dougola

    dougola Well-Known Member

    Scott needs to block this kind of crap
  11. Sanghoonjeong

    Sanghoonjeong New Member

    This is a fake file with a probability
    And I've made you pay for it to be down
  12. ian900913

    ian900913 New Member


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