3D printing night guards

Discussion in 'Digital Materials and Machine Tools' started by Ryo Kina, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. Ryo Kina

    Ryo Kina New Member

    Does anyone print night guards?

    If so, which printer do you use?
    Did you face any problems? (Such as guard not fitting in patients mouth, breaking)
  2. 2thm8kr

    2thm8kr ɹotɐɹʇsıuıɯqA Staff Member

    We recently started printing them on a ND 5100 with ortho resin. They fit great once you have your CAD settings dialed in. Only been doing it for a few months, but none broken so far.
  3. Ryo Kina

    Ryo Kina New Member

    Thank you for your reply!
    I see...we are testing a few but some keeps breaking...
    What are the parameters you use? Is there any minimal thickness we must follow?

    Also-How do you polish your guards? Any tips and tricks?
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  4. Sir Morty

    Sir Morty Active Member

    I'm going to start printing them.
    Can't really tell the difference other then the color of the Next Dent Clear and Blue.

    Can you provide any insights? $400 for a 1 liter bottle. How many guards can you get out of bottle? Including the material for the supports.
  5. 2thm8kr

    2thm8kr ɹotɐɹʇsıuıɯqA Staff Member

    We've only been printing for two months or so. I can't give you an average per bottle yet.

    The design is more like a deprogrammer from 1st premolar to 1st premolar on the upper arch.
    The thickness is 2.5-3 mm.
    They are finished with Scotch bright wheels in a hand piece and polished with fine pumice and fine acrylic polish on a lathe.

    I'll have to post the parameters tomorrow when I get to the lab.
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  6. dougola

    dougola Well-Known Member

    I thought that printer was going to the boss' son.
  7. 2thm8kr

    2thm8kr ɹotɐɹʇsıuıɯqA Staff Member

    That's where it is, but we design everything that goes into it here and then finish it here as well. Guides, splints, placement jigs, prototypes, etc.
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  8. Sir Morty

    Sir Morty Active Member

    Thanks for the information.

    Not sure how popular hard night guards are.
    It seems like thermo elastic appliances are more popular.

    I have been looking at Erkodent as well. It's about more of an investment to buy the machine.
  9. cadfan

    cadfan Moderator Staff Member

    Ok i pay only 189 Euro for ND clear so 1.15 Euro plus maybe 1.15 for residual 2.30 not bad Lol

    Attached Files:

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  10. 2thm8kr

    2thm8kr ɹotɐɹʇsıuıɯqA Staff Member

    Cadfan, what are you using to remove the support ends and finish the surface?
  11. cadfan

    cadfan Moderator Staff Member

    that time the hardest challenge old hard metall burr to smoothen and sand paper but harder to polish too i hope less supports with non FEP film in the near future therfore less work next project .
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  12. bigbrush

    bigbrush Well-Known Member

    I take my nightguards and splints out of the mill and polish :D:D:D
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  13. 2thm8kr

    2thm8kr ɹotɐɹʇsıuıɯqA Staff Member

    The ones we have milled polish easily. Can the mill produce 5-6 splints biteguards in less than an hour? :D
  14. bigbrush

    bigbrush Well-Known Member

    Doesn`t matter to me, i mill splints during the time the mill is free. It`s a part of organisation in my lab. Time is money, especially my time :D:coffee
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  15. cadfan

    cadfan Moderator Staff Member

    bigbrush is right milled is easier but the mill cost . the patient
    vs doc can choose basic product or upcharge premium product milled ;):D
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  16. Elab

    Elab Active Member

    Just started with Asiga Max UV and Detax Freeprint Ortho, haven't had my training yet, but I've got a manual;), printed three bite splints and two surgical guides.
    One of the splints was from an old file for me, fit was great. Takes around 10 grams per splint.
    It is easier to polish a milled splint so I will definitely try the scotch bright wheels.

    Anybody know how/where to get the GC Temp PRINT resin in the states?
  17. Ryo Kina

    Ryo Kina New Member

    I see, I'll keep that in mind. We've been testing out few cases but can't seem to get the right fit and bite - since the material is so rigid.
    Maybe i'm doing something wrong with the design...

    Thank you for the tips on polishing!
  18. 2thm8kr

    2thm8kr ɹotɐɹʇsıuıɯqA Staff Member

    @Ryo Kina

    Here are the bite splint bottom parameters we use.

    splint bottom parameters.PNG

    Post a screen shot of where you are marking the splint borders after the model blockout.
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  19. Ryo Kina

    Ryo Kina New Member

    Thank you! We use exocad too. I will try using that parameter right away.
  20. kostisg

    kostisg New Member

    The offset depend the printer you use, also the most important is to set the correct profile resin and calibrate at xy axis. Example, mine printer need 0.06 offset

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