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Discussion in '3shape software' started by Tomislav, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. Tomislav

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    Anyone having problems importing trios jobs. Everything was working fine until yesterday. I cant open part of the 3oxz. LowerJaw scan ok, Bite scan ok but i cant open the UpperJaw scan. in trios the file loks ok but when i try to open the project in exocad i get the message that the file is encrypted with an unknown key. Do you guys know how can i fix the problem.

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  3. Tomislav

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  4. Jacob

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    Het Tomislav!
    Did you get any solution to this problem??? Just happened to me today... doctor updated his trios recently - can that be something to do with it???
    Please let me know if you have learned anything...

  5. Tomislav

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    Its not working. Its something with the update. Im working with STL at the moment. They export the case in STL and sand it like that. 3Shape told me its the problem with exocad, exocad told me it 3shape. So i give up for now. STL works just fine for now
  6. BoSBO

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    Still no solution? I recently experienced this with two different offices. I do not see the point in paying so much money for the 3shape inbox if I just have them send .stl's alternatively. Any info would help. I ran into the same thing. 3shape points at exocad and exocad points back at 3shape.

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  7. Tomislav

    Tomislav New Member

    Still no solution. They told me to istal Matera but the same problem occurred. The only options are to use STL or for the clinic to downgrade 3shape software
  8. BoSBO

    BoSBO New Member

    We are on the verge of changing over to Matera maybe within two weeks. just waiting on new dongles for a few new computers. I figured that would not help with the issue. Must be something with 3shape then.
  9. LiQUiD

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    it's the trios update that is causing the issue. I have told my clients not to update because of this very reason.
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