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  1. Chris Silvoy

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    So, I am leaving tomorrow to go to the ADA National Convention in Washington, DC.
    I will be spending some QT with LB from exocad on Thursday where we'll check out some vendors and meet all the peeps at Planmeca.
    I will be doing Trios table clinics all day and will be spending some time at the show scoping out other IOS systems and asking lots of questions.

    If anyone would like specific information about any IOS platforms, or any other product that may be shown at the show, feel free to message me or post here and I'll do my best to research and report back.

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  2. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    I am very excited to hear all about your ideas and innovations.

    I am sure it will be very cool.

    Whatever you think you are doing? o_O
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