Adding more teeth after completed design?

Discussion in 'exocad' started by Digidoc, Mar 21, 2021.

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    Sometimes when doing a smile design, I pick just #6-11 or #5-12 as wax-up pontics (since it's faster for a quick preview), but then in the lab later, after designing I want to add more teeth to the case. Does anyone know a way to do this without totally starting over with a new order?

    Such as this case which is designed, but I want to add #3,4,13,14 to the design. I thought about saving this maxillary scene as a mesh and starting a new job with just the teeth I want, but seems like there's a better way.


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    If u will find the answer u can text me?
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    Otro que también está interesado !!!
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    I am not shure about smile design, but there is a trick while framework design.
    First you need tooth anatomy files as stl. Put them in to attachments directory. When you will need to add extra teeth, just add attachmet of your theeth in expert mode.
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    if you want to kown how to add teeth,maybe you can connet me with email .

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