Amann Girrbach Bought.

Discussion in 'Business Discussions' started by 2thm8kr, Apr 12, 2018.

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    Yes they made the cow fat with the D shape and your money . Lol
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    Marko Radz (spelling???) was the head of that company...then he had a terrible ski accident rendering him crippled.
    I am sure this incident led to the recapitalization of the company under the interim leader Petr Nickin.
    I am terrible with spelling of names, but I am sure that I am close.
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    This was a long run Venture plan from TA push and sale a few thought HS or Brassler signed before but maybe the price was to high. Remember when good old Bob pushed AG that time he knew hes part of HS .
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    AG goes right to the dentist now. Suckers like ivoclar
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    What’s your opinion about buying the new micro 5x and map 600 ?

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