Anybody interested in exchange the teeth libraries

Discussion in 'exocad' started by Midhun vt, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Alexander228

    Alexander228 New Member

    Ребята подскажите как адаптировать библиатеку зубов 3shape для Exocad?
  2. Jose Antonio

    Jose Antonio New Member

    Hello colleagues, I from Spain and write you because I wish free libraries tooth for exocad, I am new in this forum, and i dont know how can i download. Can you help me?, please.
    I am sorry if you can not understand me, my english is very bad, I use exocad with S.I. nomenclature and only i have got library tooth basic. Please help me. My email is
    I would very gratefulif you send them to me by email or help me how to download them. A greeting.
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  3. Edmondu

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  4. Famous

    Famous New Member

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  5. DLindenLeaf

    DLindenLeaf New Member

    I would super appreciate some new libraries if any of you would like to share. My email is Also I have been lurking here for a couple years now. Thanks for all the insight.
  6. LeopoldP

    LeopoldP New Member

  7. Peruna96

    Peruna96 New Member

  8. Rishi

    Rishi New Member

    Would be great if I could get my hands on some.
    I Might have some libraries that you might be interested in
  9. eliko

    eliko Member

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  10. Makasyaka

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  11. tpd.AmauryOrozco

    tpd.AmauryOrozco New Member

    hello friend I will be able to send the library zirkonzahn for exocad thanks greetings
  12. Denis

    Denis cheri

    Would be great if I could get my hands on some.
    I Might have some libraries that you might be interested in =)
  13. Hiekol

    Hiekol New Member

    [QUOTE = "bob37, post: 26677, członek: 4590"] Cześć, mogę je wymienić. PM mnie

  14. Hiekol

    Hiekol New Member

    Cześć. Jestem tu i nie znam zwyczajów. Byłem zainteresowany Twoją biblioteką zębów. Czy jest możliwe.My
  15. ik1408

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  16. LabCenturion

    LabCenturion New Member

    Hi guys, im new here. Do you know where can i download Free Libraries? Thanks!
  17. Leonidas

    Leonidas New Member

  18. Leonidas

    Leonidas New Member

  19. luo

    luo New Member

    Hi dear friend .Is that possible to send me 3shape and zirkonzahn heroes collection in EOFF format fit to exocad?
    my email:
  20. Leonidas

    Leonidas New Member

    Eoff format exocad

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