Ceramill Motion 2 Bar Milling

Discussion in 'CNC Machines' started by Baldurbrau, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. Baldurbrau

    Baldurbrau Active Member

    We are looking at one of these from esthetic professionals. Eventually we will want to cut Ti barwork.
    I have had a tough time finding any info on this. Is anybody doing it? also any thoughts on the re-seller and mill in general? I am under the impression that these are good mills. Is AG ExoCAD worthy or should I look into a stand alone key if we go this route?
  2. cadfan

    cadfan Moderator Staff Member

    Ti what ?? on a Motion 2 thats the wrong train Ti Preforms !! yes
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  3. Baldurbrau

    Baldurbrau Active Member

    Titanium bars with non engaging interfaces. Not a bar feed.
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  4. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    I LOVE my HAAS mills for Titanium
    More than 6 years cutting only Titanium and have not done anything to the mill at all including never cleaning it! We add coolant and watch it go~!
    We just cut all day and machine is happy.

    I would not buy a little mill with dreams of cutting Titanium.
    You need a good $150k or so to get started with cutting bars.
  5. Baldurbrau

    Baldurbrau Active Member

    Even at a low volume? I'm thinking 3 or 4 a month maybe.
  6. cadfan

    cadfan Moderator Staff Member

    I know non engaging but not with a Motion 2 ( only pussy metal and not sure they go straight to the interface ) the rest on ti interface only.

    M 1 or M 4 wet heavy ZZ yes and a few others.
  7. Baldurbrau

    Baldurbrau Active Member

    Would you recommend a zz though ?
    They look so uncoventional. I didn't know you could cut interfaces with a m1..........
  8. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    You need a wide assortment of tools that are hard to find with all same common shank size for spindles that have One collet for all tools.

    So, this requires a CNC mill that uses tool-holders. One of the cheapest (and best value) being a HAAS.

    The CAM is not easy to master for bars.

    Not just, "Click a button" and make bars. Does not work that way at all.

    You want to be able to make all implant interface now, and into the future? Forget any closed system like ZZ then. You will not have ability to play with CAM, which is the heart of the mill.
  9. Baldurbrau

    Baldurbrau Active Member

    I do it now with a willemin and Zirkon Zahn . your right the camwork is pretty tricky (sum3d). Moving on to a smaller operation and would like to have the capability but obviously smaller budget .
  10. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Look at what Glidewell has bought over and over again for Titanium.
    HAAS, HAAS, and HAAS.
    Me too. Love them!!

    Sure, Willemin works, and DMG, and Roeders, etc.....but that is a but expensive for not much benefit.
    No added return on investment for paying 2x-4x the cost of a HAAS.

    Buy a used HAAS Office mill. ?

    We make bars for $399 each.
    You will not save much buying and machining yourself.
    Don't go half-ass and get little mill for Titanium.
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  11. moliva

    moliva Member

    You cannot mill Ti bars with the Motion 2. It is just not made to mill out of metal discs. Not only that but AG does not have strategies for that and since it is a closed system when it comes to strategies, it wont be possible for you to make one for it.

    You can only mill Ti from preformed blanks. It is able to do it just because it goes into the "lathe" mode.
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  12. Baldurbrau

    Baldurbrau Active Member

    Thanks for all of your responses. It was just a thought but I tend to agree with DMC that this is more economically outsourced. And I think the newer materials; i.e. PEEK are going to dent the Ti market going forward .
  13. BukakiYourMom

    BukakiYourMom BukakiMyMom

    .... not sure about PEAK group of materials, they tend to have downsides to.... lets wait for some super magic moon rock material
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