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    good afternoon. I have in my laboratory a small demand for total crowns on the tooth, as well as onlays and inlays. I use an adapted Rolland MDX 40A milling machine, but this one does not perform more delicate work, nor does porcelain milling, which I end up outsourcing. I am Brazilian and I saw on eBay a CEREC 3 milling machine along with your scanner (red cam) for a good price. I am thinking of acquiring, due to the good price compared to a newer porcelain milling machine, just to meet this small demand. Here in Brazil the milling machines of sirona It has a history of burning the motors when the same is very demanded. I also saw on eBay, that the spare parts of this milling machine in question, reconditioned are not so expensive. Would you recommend this purchase? I remember that it is not a big demand, but I believe that the work is well aggregated, especially for the low value of paying for the equipment.

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