Do you need implant or teeth library for 3shape? Please contact me.

Discussion in '3shape software' started by Jack, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. Jack

    Jack DentalServicesCadCam

    Please if someone need implant or teeth library please contact me. Good day to everybody!
  2. Rudolf

    Rudolf New Member

    Hi, can you help with implants in 3shape?

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  3. Sean Lee

    Sean Lee New Member can i have ??
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  4. Jack

    Jack DentalServicesCadCam

    Hi guys,

    What exactly each one needs?

    @Rudolf do you have a library and need help to import to 3shape or do you need a specific implant library?

    @sean please send me more information about what do you need.

    See you guys ;)
  5. moh

    moh Active Member

    I am looking for attachments library for 3shape ortho analyzer (ellipsoid,rectangular,bevelled attachment) used in clear alignes traitment, Can you help please?
  6. Jack

    Jack DentalServicesCadCam

    Hi Moh,

    I don´t have attachment library yet.. but if you provide measures and pictures.. maybe I could design for you? What do you think?

    See you and sorry about the late answer!
  7. moh

    moh Active Member

    Thank you for your response Jack. That's exactly what I did; I designed them in a 3D software. The attachments look like this:
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  8. Jack

    Jack DentalServicesCadCam

    Well done!!!
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  9. Id love to get some kind of ZZ heroes teeth library. I really would take any library you have and would share mine in exchange (Origin HD, KNUT MILLER some other random ones that i can't remember names.)
  10. Rigo De Leon

    Rigo De Leon Member

    someone here can share those attachments?
  11. bogemia

    bogemia New Member

    Good day, I will be pleased if you can send me implant and teeth library via e-mail. Thank you!
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  12. moh

    moh Active Member

    Hello, I am looking for 3shape digital teeth library, specially one of those :Acrylux , Ortholux or Biodent; Can you help please?
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  13. moh

    moh Active Member

    Hi, do have Acrylux teeth library .Thanks.
  14. josal169

    josal169 Member

    Hello Jack, I have stl geometry ready for some implant library that I want to create including Scanbody desing. but I need some help to get this done.
  15. Adolfo

    Adolfo Active Member

    Implant library 1:1 ???
  16. BigBang

    BigBang New Member

    i need to create implant library for 3shape, can you contact me please.
  17. BigBang

    BigBang New Member

    could you get it done? i need to create the implant library, im in exact same situatiion,
  18. ZoliH85

    ZoliH85 New Member

    Hi i need tooth library, pls contakt me
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  19. smithnovel

    smithnovel New Member

    Can you please share more details.
  20. Nec96

    Nec96 New Member

    Hello. I need .stl model of one specific implant. Can you help me with that?

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