Eary thoughts on the new mills from Ivoclar

Discussion in 'CNC Machines' started by Baldurbrau, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. Baldurbrau

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    Setting up a new operation and we're looking at a Roland for dry milling and possibly a PM3 for wet milling, and for redundancy. I know there not out yet just wondering if anyone has heard any feedback or done some beta work. From what I gather the entire system is made in house by Ivoclar
    Which may be positive because the Zenotec line was unreliable. It's not my decision which mills we will go with but I do have some input. I like the Roland and would like to pair it with a imes 350 running sum 3d. Iv'e also heard good things about VHF but I only have exposure to IMES, Zenotec, and Willemin. I'm looking for a solution that can cut interfaces accuratly.
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    Hi Baldurbrau,
    the Zenetec machines where built by vhf. So it is a good choice. ;)
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  3. cadfan

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    Maybe thats why Ivo goes seperate ways now ??

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