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Discussion in 'exocad' started by kronus, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. kronus

    kronus New Member

    I'm trying to copy my Exocad design software onto a laptop so I can take it home and play with it. Anybody have experience with this? Will it work if you just take the dongleberry with you?
  2. 2thm8kr

    2thm8kr ɹotɐɹʇsıuıɯqA Staff Member

    Yes it will work. One of the resellers here could probably explain the process.
    Just make sure your laptop specs are up to par.
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  3. robert.bvdl

    robert.bvdl Guest

    Unless you're going to clone the partition your current install is on, you're likely going to have to get the dongle activated to work with the new install.
  4. Zero Zero

    Zero Zero Guest

    AFAIK...the software can be copied everywhere (a long as the minimum specs are met) and will run given that you got a dongle....;)
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  5. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    You need some Microsoft Framework, and some exocad framework installed.

    I will post a link to them both later.

    Then, the actual software will work on a different PC with a Dongle of course.

    If you have purchased extra modules, you need the license files from either exocad reseller site, or from original PC.
  6. kronus

    kronus New Member

    a clone of the harddrive would cover a lot of bases, but some softwares are licensed to run on one cpu. I've got a Dell e6530 laptop. It's a core I5. Seems pretty sprightly. I'm wondering how it would perform against the Dell 3550 tower they gave us. I'm new to PCs and windows BTW. Really just learning to get around the OS. I think I'll try the copy and let you know.
  7. Kvonn3gut

    Kvonn3gut Administrator Staff Member

    no no no.....

    If you really need the correct answers, then you are welcome to call and we get you set-up fast.....the correct way.

    804-285-0777 and ask for "Jake" please....
  8. jm bertin

    jm bertin Guest

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  9. robert.bvdl

    robert.bvdl Guest

    My experience with several reseller versions of exocad, the oem exocad, and zirkonzahn-exocad....if you clone the harddrive (with a decent program like Acronis), you'll be able to just plug the dongle into whate ever computer you mount the clone image.

    I build all of our computers from the ground up here at the lab (since you can get twice the computer for half the price by buying your parts and building instead of purchasing from places like Dell) and have never had an issue when using a cloned image of a primary partition that already has exocad installed. However, when you start installing the program fresh and then adding in the C++ redistributables, *.NET (3.5 or 4..since 4+ seems to cause compatibility issues)...you run into a lot of issues. You get side-by-side configuration errors, dongle activation errors, etc.

    Granted, all that being said, it's not difficult to fix any of that... it's just significantly easier to clone the partition and just install the appropriate drivers for the new hardware. ;]

    Sorry if any of this is jumbled up or run-on, grammatically incorrect, etc. :p typing fast at work and wanted to get my .02$ in!

    Good luck.
  10. jm bertin

    jm bertin Guest

    inside my link you have directly all the .net, C++ ... that you need for exocad. This framework directly come from exocad company.

    I'm a distributor of exocad. When I prepare a computer for medit scanner and exocad system, I install the windows, I do ALL the windows update, after I install the first framework + second because I use windows 64 bits and after I can unzip the exocad software and install the identica software. After that, I just need to plug exocad dongle + medit scanner and all is good ;-)

    There's no installer for exocad. It's just unzip action.
  11. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Step 1 The Microsoft framework..... http://exocad.com/a3c368e82b36/MicrosoftFramework.zip

    Step 2 The exocad 64-bit runtime environment....http://exocad.com/a3c368e82b36/exocadFramework2014.exe

    Step 3 The raw exocad 5164 base program... http://exocad.com/a3c368e82b36/exocad-DentalCAD-64bit-2014-02-20.7z

    You need all this stuff above installed or "placed" into a new PC or new install. 7zip is required to unzip.

    And often anti-virus will effect the install or cause weird things. I use no anti-virus personally and at my business.

    Windows, Java, Adobe, etc all need to stay up to date. Nothing new there.

    Then, adding scanners and modules and customizing is a whole'nuther story.....
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  12. kronus

    kronus New Member

    OK, here's what I've found out so far. Cloning the HD and placing into another PC works just fine. Very easy actually. Still have to lug the stupid dongle around and don't want to lose or damage that. Windows 7 also has an app called remote desktop connection. Once fired up, it worked well, but only on the LAN. Some forums suggested linking into the LAN from the internet but warned of security issues. Team Viewer was the easiest to log on, but the window shrunk everything down a bit, and was not so nice graphically. Any thoughts?
  13. John Hagler

    John Hagler New Member

    Are you saying that if you use the Win7 app "Remote Desktop Connection" that you can design on 2 different computers on the same LAN simultaneously with the dongle attached to only one of them?
  14. kronus

    kronus New Member

    No, just a remote connection. I'm not out to hack exocad. If I need an extra workstation, the workflow will justify the cost of the software. What I would like to do is play with the software more and explore its capabilities, and understand it's structure more. I also want to understand the difference with the Amann Girrbach version to the generic "exocad" version. Thanks for any and all tips!
  15. 2thm8kr

    2thm8kr ɹotɐɹʇsıuıɯqA Staff Member

    Not familiar with the AG branded version of exo, but I have one machine that has a branded version from a reseller in the States.
    Some of the files are locked (for now) which limits your ability to customize to your liking.:banghead: 'Generic' is better IMO.

    I am trying to stay off my soap box.....but fully open systems are the way of the future. I don't need someone or company limiting me on what I can do with MY data.
  16. kronus

    kronus New Member

    That's why I'd kind of like to get the umm "generic" open version. See the differences. My enemy is time, but my interest is piqued!
  17. John Hagler

    John Hagler New Member

    What exactly is a "remote connection"?
  18. 2thm8kr

    2thm8kr ɹotɐɹʇsıuıɯqA Staff Member

  19. kronus

    kronus New Member

    You're pretty much taking over control of your pc from another computer. Once set up its a seamless way of copying files directly over to another computer or simply using your software remotely. The idea with single user software is to not have to duplicate your software, move the dongle, or even copy your files if you have to finish some work at home. Just log on to your workstation.
  20. kronus

    kronus New Member

    Here's preview of my first library...

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