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  1. Sir Morty

    Sir Morty Active Member

    How does the Zirconia look after using the oven?

    Is this an Ivoclar zirconia situation? Where they advertise that you can fast sinter zirconia but it's really only one type of zirconia that no technician would be happy sending out to clients.
  2. padano

    padano Active Member

    Send me some cases I'll sinter it for you.

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  3. 2thm8kr

    2thm8kr ɹotɐɹʇsıuıɯqA Staff Member

    You said that you guys use if for rush cases. Would you use it for all of your single posteriors?
    Have you tried side by side comparisons of the same file in two different ovens?
  4. padano

    padano Active Member

    As a production center, we prefer to use standard sintering instead of fast. But for Lab,it would be a good economical solution to offer same day crown.
    For the single unit, there are no difference between standard and fast regarding the color or quality.
  5. leshi

    leshi Well-Known Member

    For regular work we use Nabertherm furnaces. For fast sintering we use Dekema Austromat 664 and 674. 2 hours programm developed by the manufacturer.
  6. biodentg

    biodentg Well-Known Member

    Hi can you please MSRT $ for these furnaces? I'll be doing business directly with AIDITE in the future for one of their fast sintering furnaces, please find below exta info:

    Fast sintering-small, can finish the whole sintering process in 2.5 hours.
    It adopts Silicon Carbon heaters, which have higher heat resistance so that it can accept sudden rapid heating and rapid cooling. 1600 degree maximum.
    Meanwhile, it can get the same teeth effect as the normal sintering oven.
    Can sinter 30 crowns maximum.
    Besides, it supports fast sintering and normal sintering.
    Price: 5580usd
  7. Kayla Liu

    Kayla Liu New Member

    Hi,Sir, Our company offers fast sintering furnace which can sintering the tooth around 60min The max temperature 1600℃. And we also offer the sintering curves to help the clients to use the device efficiently and correctly. The chamber capacity is around 4 teeth per time. And you can get it around USD 3K.

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