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Discussion in 'exocad' started by LauraRucci, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. LauraRucci

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    I'm brand new to the dental world. I'm okay with computers. I've been trying to create a "flipper" not sure if that's a universal word for a one-four teeth RPD. There really isn't a good module within the exocad software to breeze me though this process. I tried using the framework module and my end result was... fuzzy. I've posted pictures below. I'm not sure if someone has an easier route for what I'm trying to do but I've otherwise exhausted my current options.

    I also used Meshmixer to design and I can't get the clasps correctly. ugh! Any advice would be appreciated.


    rdp1.png rdp2.png rpd3.png
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  2. 2thm8kr

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    Use Pontic Wax Up to make the teeth first. Save them as stl.
    Start new job as Bite Splint. Once you are happy with the design of the splint/flipper and the top and bottom of the design are merged.
    Go to Expert Mode, ATT, Add, Load From File and select the teeth you designed. When prompted select yes for Rotate.
    Click apply.
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    Great! Thank you! What do I have to do if I don't have an ATT tab? Also, any tips on moving the bite splint material freely or adding, without it sticking straight out, but covering more area?
  4. 2thm8kr

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    How about some screen shots?

    After the bite splint top and bottom are merged switch to expert mode. Right click and select free form restoration.
    ATT will appear in that free form window.
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  5. LauraRucci

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    Edit: The second pictures is an actual disaster, I tried to paint and pull and got a nub.

    After following your instructions this morning, I made this. Almost correct, but I'm still having issues free flowing the bite splint material. Every time I try to add it or make clasps with it, it seems to just shoot out straight instead of forming close to the gingiva or tooth. That leads me to try to smooth/flatten it and then it all disappears. I'm quite a noob here and I really appreciate your help/guidance.

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  6. 2thm8kr

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    Try changing the path of insertion. Try defining the margin where you want the clasps to go, that may make it worse or maybe it works? The pontic is 180 degrees in wrong position.
  7. LauraRucci

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    I have placed my margin points all the way between the teeth, the bite splint doesn't want to go there, lol. Am I a lost cause? Is there something you recommend me reading up on before I jump into this?

    My uncle bought this equipment and runs a lab, I'm the only one here that does anything digital and so far all I've made are bite splints lol.

    This is correct placement of the pontic?

    yikes 2.png

    Is there anyway to change the insertion point after starting the design?

    Thank you.
  8. 2thm8kr

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  9. Elab

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    Laura, another way to skin the cat.

    In DataBase choose
    1- Anatomic Pontic for the tooth
    2- Select the material
    3-Options-Design Virtual Gingiva-Mandatory Wizard Mode

    In Exocad

    1-Place pontic
    2-Adapt pontic to tissue and cut approx. contacts

    Gingiva design takes you to Expert mode

    1-Draw the clasps- this is done in ONE complete weird shaped circle
    2-Free-form gingiva
    3-Click Next
    4-Right click tooth
    5-Click Generate virtual waxup scan
    6-Click OK and then go back to Wizard
    7-I'm sure you got it from here
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  10. LauraRucci

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    Pretty sure my head is going to explode :? It refuses to let me just cap around it without filling in the whole tooth.

    Sorry for my late responses, someone at the front office decided to abandon their job and I was in there for two weeks. :D





    I think I'm progressing.

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  11. Elab

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    Just play with your clasps design by moving the green dots around and clicking Apply again (as many times as it takes to get the design you want). I'm not sure but it looks like you need to lower the clasp design around the facial of #11 so it looks like #6. When it's right click OK.

    Now play with the gingival design if needed, when its what you want click Next.

    You're now automatically in Expert mode, right click the tooth and choose Generate virtual waxup scan etc...
  12. LauraRucci

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    After I played around with it and the things you said I printed one to see where I am, and what I need to improve. My uncle told me that my survey is off and the result leaves me without retention. I'm fiddling with the survey but I clearly don't know what I'm doing. Sometimes the line is straight, sometimes its out on an angle and I can't get the undercuts to show correctly. I'm really starting to feel like I'm a lost cause. He showed me the manual surveyor but I can't translate what he showed me and manipulate it into the 3d design process. Any tips? Thank you. thumbnail.jpg 952a52963d187dbbb3482f6f2808cf22.png
  13. Elab

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    While you're in Virtual Waxup Bottom go to FREE-FORMING and using Shift+Left Mouse increase the undercut in these areas. The colors will tell you how much undercut you have.

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