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    Hi, I've registered a while back and have been reading several topics trying to get some bearings around cad/cam. I'm a dental technician and a dentist (the latter just a hobby nowadays) in Portugal

    I'm going to leap into digital, but since I'm a noob I'm not really sure yet where to start (scanner+exocad+3d printer?!....to learn, and then later milling), what to buy, etc.

    Will be pestering this forum and you guys :D
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  2. DMC

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    Standard crown and bridge lab work?

    ALCLCF New Member

    Standard crown/bridge, but what we do more is implants (single, bridges, bars) and partial/total removable (acrylic and metal/acrylic)....some combined etc, all analog.

    We've had no issues, besides work time, which we want to reduce. And we would like to start doing zirconia, besides PFM and lithium disilicate
  4. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    exocad and some scanner?

    We like the Shining3d DS300 for implant bars ($12,900usd plus shipping we offer and have Two in stock)

    DOF UHD or HD also would work?


    ALCLCF New Member

    Still thinking, looking and researching (i have until the end of the year). So far I've been quoted DoF and Medit (with and without exocad+modules) and for milling coritec 350i (w/thout loader)

    But besides specifications/price, since I'm a complete beginner, I need to take into serious consideration local and on the fly support (hardware/software).
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    Welcome AlClcf,

    local scanner and exocad support isnt necessary. Will be done via teamviewer.
    Forum experts always help too. Exocad isn't a complicated software.
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  7. DMC

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    It is a small world after all.

    ALCLCF New Member

    It's never complicated for those that are already familiar with it. I've been playing a bit with the demo exocad....too many options and suboptions:wacky:

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