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  1. I am new to both dental and 3d-dental website. I work in northern virginia. I did model up and basic work before. Now I have been doing scan, design, and milling. I use exocad mainly now. I have a lot to learn about oral design. I am also very interested in CNC milling. I want to build a CNC milling machine and CAM strategy one day.
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    Welcome. Thanks for joining.
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    " I want to build a CNC milling machine and CAM strategy one day" mm there is a dude around here who won't like this too much
    Thanks! not my business :D, welcome John rocking
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    He will visit me.

    Was going to visit today but kinda late.

    Welcome and i look forward to working together
  6. I'm new to dental world and the only dust extractor company I know is quatro. I was advised to use quatro product before.
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    Vaniman stone-vac II brushless for all my Zirconia mills.

    Domel premium motor from Europe.


    Even if ZERO airflow due to clogged filter.....the motor has separate fan and air circuit to keep motor and electronics running cool.


    The bad.........SUPER NOISE!! We have a fleet of them outside.

    They produce extreme heat as well. Sounds like a fleet of leaf-blowers in concert blowing hot air from hell.
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    I like the porcelain hearth on your avatar

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