IDS Cologne 2017

Discussion in 'Trade Shows and Events' started by Andrea Regio, Feb 12, 2017.


Will you go to IDS Cologne 21-25 /02/201?

  1. Yes, already bought tickets!

  2. Yes, I'm going to buy tickets soon!

  3. Maybe...

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  4. No.

  1. AGV

    AGV Member

    Put a sticker in your coat/shirt with your nicks...Lucky54, L_D, Andrea Regio, ...I will be Wednesday to Friday. Hope to see some of you, friends.
  2. Kongo-Otto

    Kongo-Otto Love on first bite!

    I dont need a sticker on my coat, my glasses are unique and if you guys smell eau der moldy i am in close proximity .
  3. AGV

    AGV Member

    eau der moldy?? Is good that beer?
  4. Kongo-Otto

    Kongo-Otto Love on first bite!

    It´s a FANGgrance you silly walking bloodbank !!! ;)

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