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    I have problem with my Ines Icore 750i milling machine.
    When I started machine this morning after reference run I got problem on screen (please see picture nr 1).
    I restarted machine and after a couple of minutes computer just shut down.
    Now computer does not want to start. Blue lamp (see picture nr2) on side of machine is flashing (is on and off every 2 seconds).

    I changed hard disk in January.

    Does anyone know what this might be for trouble?

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  2. leshi

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    The problem with the computer. Here you need to find which part of the computer just stopped working. Is there a beep on this computer? If so, does it make a sound? Are the fans spinning? Tried to turn off the hard drive and turn on the computer? If you are not friends with PC repair, contact the PC master.

    If the hard drive is dead, then you need to contact imes to reinstall the data on the new hard drive.
  3. bio.mohammed2020

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    I think you need to change the ram place from slot1 to slot2

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