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Discussion in 'exocad' started by Morave, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Morave

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    Hello everyone,
    recently I made some teeth libraries, which you can download and use for free (attached to this post). One is a full arch, the other one just anteriors.
    I don't have old enough exo to generate the xmls, so just use the generic ones. Libraries will work, but the teeth will need a nudge here and there.
    I'm going to create some more in the future, as soon as I come over a good material to scan.

    If you have any feedback on the libraries functionality or user friendliness, I'll be happy to hear it. Tips on how to improve are even better.

    And if you'll consider the libraries worth it, you can send a fraction of your hard earned cash here
    But you know, it's not mandatory.

    BTW, uploading the files as attachments took forever, should I use some filesharing service instead?

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  2. Joops Jungs

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    Download links are always a better way. I think Box works pretty good

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  3. Hiekol

    Hiekol New Member

    Dzięki serdeczne.

    Thanks alot.
  4. nicodental

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  5. Joseph sakal

    Joseph sakal Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot !!!
  6. yeonsimi

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    thanks !
  7. harmonylab

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  8. CIMT19

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    Nice job
  9. apostolis159

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    Thanks a lot, will try them out!

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