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Discussion in 'CNC Machines' started by fschiopu, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. fschiopu

    fschiopu New Member


    I have an old LavaForm Proautomation which was running fine, until today when starting up a disk error was thrown and AUTOCHCK run and corrected the errors. Upon starting the WinNT the old profile was deemed corrupted and new one created, but the cam software doesn't start automatically anymore. When manually starting the 3MCAM it shows no bur time left on all of the burs and the Setup-Tool button doesn't work. Any ideas what could be wrong ?
  2. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    You need to replace a battery in the computer. Probably Two of them?

    One is on the motherboard. This remembers of course the clock, but also custom bios settings!
    After replacing the battery you need to change Two things in bios before Windows boots.

    Another battery that makes all tools go to zero (usually mill is in German and looses language as well) is located on a card called the "NC Card". This looks like a graphics card type thing. Leave original lithium battery in place and piggy-back a new battery.

    You mill will have lost calibration and the location of your tools. You can't run the mill like this.
    You will need Two files restored. I have your backup here I think?

    What mill number do you have?

    This could take hours to complete.

    Then we define your path from CAM to mill into CNC folder somewhere?

    Either in the mill itself or optional external network drive?

    Before all of this, I suggest a totally new HDD.

    Total cost for a service guy could be $800-$2800 or more?

    Depends on if you do the work or need someone to fly there?
  3. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    I can make you an HDD, and walk you though the process of NC card battery swap, and get all your files back in there.

    Should be good to go for another decade +
  4. Codfish Joe

    Codfish Joe Administrator Staff Member

    What is the serial number on your machine?
  5. fschiopu

    fschiopu New Member

    This is one of the Scott's old mills. Got it from a guy in Astoria (which is closer to me). The computer # is M127 (serial I'll have to check). My thought was the HDD failing (it is an old Seagate 40Gb IDE) even though it didn't throw any errors after that event. The MB battery is piggy backed already with 2 AAA. The NC I have to check. My intention was to get the HDD out clone it and then restore the lava.bak profile (which seems to have the settings that were lost), but if you think a new HDD swap and NC battery might be faster an easier I'll go that route.
  6. Codfish Joe

    Codfish Joe Administrator Staff Member

    Did you get any sort of message warning about the battery before the problems?
    You will need 2 files to restore it afterwards. The DFM file and the MP file (Machine parameters)
  7. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    I think you just need a new HDD.

    Brad, Luciano maybe went there and did the batteries?

    This is Simon (Steinway Fischer lab) old mill.

    Should be a good One still?

    We have backup files for that machine.
  8. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Oh wait, I did not sell Steinway that mill!

    We serviced it some. That's not a mill I ever owned mate.

    I did sell One to Tetra Dynamics, but years later I bought it back from them.
  9. fschiopu

    fschiopu New Member

    No battery errors. The boot time was a little longer and after that the AUTOCHCK run but no other errors. Are those 2 files in the profile folder or other location?
  10. Codfish Joe

    Codfish Joe Administrator Staff Member

    Usually they are saved on the D: drive for those machines
    If not, I have them.
  11. fschiopu

    fschiopu New Member

    Thanks a lot guys.
    The 2 files were stored in a backup folder on drive C (I think most of the files that need backup are there too). Restored them and now everything seems to be back to normal. Scott sorry for confusion, but when I asked one of Simon's guys he said he got it from you (most likely he doesn't know). The machine seems to be very well maintained though.
    Anyway looked at the batteries again and the piggy back is on the NC card (2AAA) and should be ok, but the bios battery has a 12/02 date written with marker on it. Should I bother changing it while I'm at it ?
  12. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    No, I'd wait for message from Windows.

    If battery is removed while no power to PC then you loose bios settings.

    No big deal. Just boot to bios and change them back.

    Go ahead now and scroll through the bios pages and take some pics of current settings.

  13. fschiopu

    fschiopu New Member

    Will do. Thanks again.
  14. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    So.....what's new?

    You fixed?
  15. fschiopu

    fschiopu New Member

    Yes. I found the back-up files and its working since.

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