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Discussion in 'exocad' started by Leyla, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. Leyla

    Leyla Member

    Hey i have a problem, i have some anatomy teeth library and i have added them in this direction
    Exocadapp/ library/ teeth
    But when i am designing i cant choose them in load costume teeth what should i do?
  2. cadfan

    cadfan Moderator Staff Member

    maybe you have no metadata same path other folder if not copy generic and name as your lib
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  3. dougola

    dougola Well-Known Member

    I'd like to get the CAP tooth library that's in 3Shape for Exocad.
  4. Rigant

    Rigant Well-Known Member

    Tooth libraries must have the following structure:

    upperjaw.xml and lowerjaw.xml

    .stl or .eoff
    .stl or .eoff

    .stl or .eoff
    .stl or .eoff


    if any member of this forum needs to generate the . xml of any library, I do not mind generating it with the files oriented to edit them in the tootheditor.
    In this post I explain how to create the script to do it:
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  5. VitaLab

    VitaLab New Member

    I could not access
    Can you help me access
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  6. Rigant

    Rigant Well-Known Member

    I only explain how to create the script "pseudocode" because I created it for a client... so I cant upload it. but whoever wants this forum can contact me and for free I will use the script. This will orient the pieces and generate the .xml.
    That's what I put in the post:

    """"Yesss!! i do it!! rockingrockingsomeone wants to share with me an original scan waxing??? Then I'll do the tooth library and I will share it! Quid pro quo:coffee ;)


    I have been asked about the workflow of my script, I put it to be public, in case someone is interested:

    1. Load a stl jaw with the correct position.

    2. Run the script1rocking select the tooth and it loads the "occlusal" "mesial" and "buccal" vectors, as exocad tooth editor would.

    3.The vectors are rotated (manually:dead:) to the position we want.

    4. Run the script2rocking and the stl of each tooth (and the xml for the metadata) that will be loaded in exocad tooh editor are generated, these will already be loaded with the correct orientation, so they SHOULD NOT BE MODIFIED IN THE EDITOR.

    As always, sorry for my bad english!!! xDD""""
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  7. cristian13769

    cristian13769 New Member

    salve, mi hanno mandato dei file kml con delle librerie exocad,
    come faccio a caricarle? grazie

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