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  1. lucky54

    lucky54 Well-Known Member

    Hello freaks has anybody used Zirlux Anterior Multilayer???????????
  2. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    I stay away from Zirlux.

    Never seen it. I like my Chinese powders.

    Same stuff as Sagemax, but now there is a new generation.

    Bottom of disk is tetra-Zr with 1200Mp and top of disk is Cubic with 600Mp.

    Best of both worlds! Shaded. I am scared to import a boat load of it due to all the colors and thickness to stock.

    For now, we keep rocking the unshaded disks and stain with 3M stains and some water-based for a few colors.
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  3. lucky54

    lucky54 Well-Known Member

    Hi DMC
    have you tested the shaded stuff what are the sintertemps
  4. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    1450-1480max recommended temps.

    That is same temps as we currently use for regular Zirconia.

    More temp does NOT make more translucent

    No we do not use this material yet. I do have some here and need to play more with it.
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  5. lucky54

    lucky54 Well-Known Member

    Did you know where to order in Germany???????

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