Medit Identica Blue Dental Scanner - Bank Owned - $4,000

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    Medit Identica Blue Dental Scanner, S/N: BL1403182177

    The company I work for sells bank-owned equipment, and we happen to have a few imaging and related dental items for sale. I'm not trying to spam, but we don't sell much dental equipment so we have pretty low prices for the quality of equipment we sell and I'm hoping this presents an opportunity for someone in this forum. If you are interested, please give me a call at 800-328-3294 ext. 1351. Full terms of sale below:

    All our equipment is bank owned either off-lease or previously financed. It is being sold “As Is, Where Is”, untested and we do not ship. We can package/palletize and load items for a fee. What we can account for is identified in our item descriptions and visible in the photos on our website. Our asking prices are better than most of our competitors’ so we are generally firm on those numbers, but we do consider reasonable offers in certain cases if they correspond to current market conditions.

    When making an offer, please keep in mind there is a 3% transaction fee on all purchases, along with any applicable state sale taxes, unless you can provide the necessary tax exemption documentation, or are having the item shipped out of state by a third party common carrier. The equipment is “As Is, Where Is” and you are welcome to schedule an appointment to inspect. All offers including offers at the asking price are subject to review & acceptance by our client. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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    Welcome RTR. You are welcome to post any ads you want for used Dental equip.

    This is a great place to sell your machine.

    I will help support the new owner if they require?

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    Hi RTR, can you please email me a list of items available and update info as new items arrive. Thank you
    bi o d e n tg aT h ot ma il DOT c om
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    Hello is this still available ?

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