Millbox / Sum3D - 350i Open equipment setup

Discussion in 'CAM software' started by mpl, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. mpl

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    Hello. I have C-Clamp for 350i Imes machine and trying to setup open angle for big bridges.
    I see icon in Millbox configuration (17.06.2018 version, no additional modules), it is set to "visible" state, but it is anyway unvisible in interface.
    So, here are two questions:
    1) Should I setup obj file of support in Millbox/sup ? (I tried #Open equipment: 1 with no luck)
    2) Should I change Sum3D config (customization codes for example) somewhere to make it support C-Clamp holder?
    3) How to handle opened angle in strategy? I have already undercuts handling so I hope it will simply works same way just without boundary limit around part (currently I have 3mm for 2.5mm rough tool).
    4) How to handle painted stuff in millbox? I heard about <COP> tags in the strategy, but there is no any instructions how to use it.

    It is impossible to learn if there is not any info anywhere. There isn`t even manual for Millbox, only Sum3D.chm.
  2. leshi

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    Who is your distributor? Where did you buy c holder?

    1) Yes
    2) Yes
    3) Special steps for milling in 90 degrees.
    4) You need to update your Millbox to last 2019 version and strategy v19.
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  3. kuubek

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    Hi,could you give me a strategy ?
  4. mpl

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    I`m just an engeneer, but I guess it is Articon.
    For now we don`t planning updating Millbox/Sum3D. We use custom strategy created by me (it is based mostly on my knowledge previously used for building hyperDent one). So I guess for now we stay at 2018 version.

    Nothing complex. For now I`ve build 2 options for milling C-Clamp stuff:
    1) (obsolete) rotate bridge 45° then draw front area curve, limit 2.0ball roughing and 1.0finishing to that curve with the fixed 45° direction in 3axis. Only Sum3D, need to draw curve, not really smart, too much time for roughing and finishing.
    2) (current) 2 fixed cuts on the front side to let unused material fall, then 1.0 automatic 15° undercut machining in 5axes with fixed 45° tilt. Sum3d but I guess possible for Millbox also, not yet tested. No need for additional curves or something. The only special thing is to check that front connectors (usually one or two teeth) are not in "fall area".

    (this one of the first tests, without proper components geometry, layers etc, but you get the idea)

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  5. leshi

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    For first step, you need to open offset.

  6. mpl

    mpl Member

    Sorry but video is for base level guys.
    I don't have "open offset" function (it requires holder configuration mod I don't know exactly how to do, for some machines I have custom holder mod, we cut it manually). There is nothing in this video showing how it handled in the strategy (not just a check, but which layers, curves, since I use my custom strategy). Too bad devs doesn`t give any basic documentation about this, but again, I just solved it from strategy side, so it seems I have stay at this point (although it is an awful workaround).
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