Millbox / Sum3D - 350i Open equipment setup

Discussion in 'CAM software' started by mpl, Oct 11, 2019.

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    Hello. I have C-Clamp for 350i Imes machine and trying to setup open angle for big bridges.
    I see icon in Millbox configuration (17.06.2018 version, no additional modules), it is set to "visible" state, but it is anyway unvisible in interface.
    So, here are two questions:
    1) Should I setup obj file of support in Millbox/sup ? (I tried #Open equipment: 1 with no luck)
    2) Should I change Sum3D config (customization codes for example) somewhere to make it support C-Clamp holder?
    3) How to handle opened angle in strategy? I have already undercuts handling so I hope it will simply works same way just without boundary limit around part (currently I have 3mm for 2.5mm rough tool).
    4) How to handle painted stuff in millbox? I heard about <COP> tags in the strategy, but there is no any instructions how to use it.

    It is impossible to learn if there is not any info anywhere. There isn`t even manual for Millbox, only Sum3D.chm.

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