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  1. Is there any way of exporting the upper and lower model and keep their alignment to one another? The files get superimposed. I need the occlusion to be there.
    Thank you
  2. 2thm8kr

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    Save each arch separately as upper and lower jaw. When prompted by exocad save with new positions instead of default coordinates.

    Post some screen shots of the issue you are having. What software are you importing it into? The scans should be in proper occlusion from the scanned positions.
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  3. mgexo

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    Note that is a setting that might work in most cases so the DentalCADApp software automatically re-saves the registered bites to the project folder which some customers use in their settings.xml:
    Warning: If this works depends on scanner and configured workflow.
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  4. mgexo

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    Then when this is done, for model creator there is an additional BETA setting that is supposed trigger to automatically save the models relative to the model scans in the project folder:


    Warning: This might confuse some CAM or 3D-Printing software that expects the files to be in a reasonable production coordinate system.
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