New budget 4 Axis CNC Mill for blocks

Discussion in 'CNC Machines' started by Simeon, May 22, 2018.

  1. Simeon

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    Hi guys,
    we are an engineering company, currently developing 4 axis dental cadcam milling machine.
    We have focused on the budget, so it uses high performance 40000 rpm spindle, without ATC.
    We succeed to make it real compact, measuring only 300x355x435mm (WxDxH).
    You can see images attached (its without the top cover).
    As the machine is 99% ready, now we need to test it in real world. We do not have any CAM soft, so I will ask someone to generate a sample NC code for me to test it.
    I have PMMA blocks 12x14x20mm. Looking for a NC code for, let say Roland DWX-4 machine, as it has same mechanics.


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  2. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    X y z. Same

    + - on axis the same?

    You have g54 in center of disk of course?

    You want separate file for each tool?

    You edit and add in your tool change or tool request and tool offset probe macros and stuff?
  3. Simeon

    Simeon New Member

    I guess so. See how are now they oriented. This is relating to the tip of the tool (not mechanics).
    Yes, I set G54 in center of the BLOCK (not disk, this machine works with blocks only at the moment).
    Separate files for each tools will be OK. At this time didn't write the tool changing sequence to be handled by macro, but will do in future.
    I have ball mills 2mm and 1mm in diameter.
    Thanks for helping! :)

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  4. serega11

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    The maximum number of spindle RPM should be at least 80,000, while the glass-ceramic is ground at 55-60 thousand RPM
    Think seriously about it
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