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Discussion in 'CNC Machines' started by EJADA, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. EJADA

    EJADA Well-Known Member

    Got our new VHF K5+
    Having fun learning new stuff.

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  2. EJADA

    EJADA Well-Known Member

    So I’m discovering the milling this has a tough learning curve. We seem to be getting some chipping on a few marginal area. 95%looks great but then a few minor chips here and there I put new Burs in and that didn’t change anything. I also cleaned the chuck no change. Looking for any thoughts.
    VHF K5+
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  3. EJADA

    EJADA Well-Known Member

    So put a new bur set in today from Sierra burs. Everything was beautiful. Couldn’t be happier.
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  4. Michael2

    Michael2 New Member

    I had tried Mike's tools from Sierra, but stopped as my support didn't authorize so could not help if I chose to use them. I stuck with the VHF tools for a while until Jensen started to sell the diamond coated. They are great and last a long time. I extend the life(IMO) by steam cleaning after each use? Did u get the firewire or ethernet connection to the computer running cnc software? I ask as I have the ethernet cable and it goes to a Netgear pro swith. I have once a month where it loses connection and the mill pauses. Sometimes spindle quits also but most times it just stops moving and the software is unresponsive? I have asked jensen but they haven't been able to figure this out. Any experts have a suggestion? Thanks in advance!
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  5. bigbrush

    bigbrush Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a network problem.
    Did you gave the mill a static networkadress?
    I run my mills through usb cable without any issues for years.
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  6. EJADA

    EJADA Well-Known Member

    I started out thinking I was going to go with JENSEN but the sales people got really weird on me making assumptions that they would be supplying all of my consumables. I ask is that a contract thing she said no but they think they are selling the mill so cheap I’m should feel some kind of obligation. They, at that point only had their version of the K5. I ended up purchasing a K5+ from Pearson’s for about 5k less than Jensen’s mill. Other than a few minor issues and some basic learning cure challenges the mill hasn’t missed a beat.
    We have an Ethernet connection running through a switch and have never had any network issues.
  7. EJADA

    EJADA Well-Known Member

    As to support and Sierra tools. I heard that challenge also. But Pearson’s support is pretty limited so this hasn’t been an issue for me so far. Keeping my fingers crossed.
    Pearson’s sends out a computer guy and helps get the unit set up with a small amount of training. That’s all I got and thankfully all we have needed so far. Our K5+ hasn’t had anything go wrong yet. Had some chipping with the carbide burs we started with but when the Sierra burs went in everything stared milling great.

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