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    :::::::::::::::: ONLY THE BEST ::::::::::::::::

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    Severe preparations began for a night trip to the sea for the sake of night sex in the warm waves of the Sea of \u200b\u200bAzov. Or Black. Depending on where I want to turn at the exit of the yards.
    Well, I didn't have anyone either.
    Pasture, me and a cow - the boredom of death. There is no Internet, the battery in the phone does not last more than half a day, and there is no one to keep company - a place not in demand among the natives. There are many acquaintances among the inhabitants of the village, but everyone has their own worries, no one has time to entertain me.
    The next day, she was sad because she had done badly to him, with her chick, and began to apologize.
    I don't even know how it all started. It seemed like such a wonderful evening. We went to visit, sat in good company, had fun, came home. I have the brightest plans for the coming evening and night, the wildest dreams, and she, my friend, suddenly got turned on for no reason. And I don’t love her, and I don’t appreciate her, and all evening I danced with only one proshmandovki (these are her girlfriends). And with her, poor little orphan, only a few times of everything, and even then so-so. And all evening he was only staring at these bitches, at their tits, at their asses.
    “Come in, don’t be shy, you have already seen all the worst,” I said, my heart was pounding very quickly at that moment, my legs could barely hold me from excitement ... so I slept ...
    Of course, Lizonka, do not deny yourself pleasure))
    For example, she would gladly give it to me, but the trouble is, my wife is sleeping in the next room. And so I want to scratch between my legs, it itches there, and even after drinking. It’s good for me, I’ll go out now, I’ll fall to my sweetheart’s side, I’ll settle down and take the stress off. And what about her, poor thing? Also, listen to a concert. And she crosses her legs, tars cigarette after cigarette, licks her lips. And the eyes sparkle incredibly. Let me convince you that, they say, if two people need it, then they don’t look at conventions, take what they want and enjoy life. And therefore, if anything, I am ready to give a birthday present to such a wonderful woman, my wife's friend. And in response, she mutters that it’s time to tie up such conversations, because she doesn’t want to make her girlfriend horny, but she doesn’t have the strength to hold on. We talked like that and Olya went to the toilet.
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    Hello guys
    I'm dentist from vietnam and now owning a dental named Bedental
    I'm looking for a chance to open new branches in laos and cambodia
    it's the new and potencial market
    Hopefully have a chance to coporate

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