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Discussion in 'Rapid-Prototyping' started by biodentg, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. biodentg

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    Tj, it shouldn't work that way... very weird. Maybe try contacting anycubic, perhaps the screen is upside down (assembly defect) do you have the software manual on hand?
  2. TJ Walker

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    Yea, you wouldn't think so. I added a patient's name to their models and even if printed backwards. The manual is useless so I emailed Anycubic. In the meantime I'll use the other slicer.
  3. TJ Walker

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    This is what I'm talking about. Maybe its a bug when you add text it does it. We'll see if anycubic responds.

    UPDATE: Anycubic did respond:

    THere is a problem with the slicing software, please use this version to make a print file

    This is the download link:

    SECOND UPDATE: The link they provided is actually for RC8 of the prior version and gives an application error in Win10 64-bit. Getting pretty disappointed with their support.

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  4. TJ Walker

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  5. TJ Walker

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    Running into a problem of failed prints on part(s) of the print bed. 1/3 of the bed always prints fine - however, on another part I get drooping of the print. This could be a damaged polarization filter on the LCD (I just had to order the entire LCD just in case) - or something else that you have run into? I just leveled the bed prior to printing two sets of teeth. One set was fine, the other set drooped/warped?

    UPDATE IN CASE SOMEONE ELSE HAS SAME PROBLEM: At least in my case, the factory build plate was not perfectly flat - there was an inflection in the center area. I learned about this and the fix here:

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  6. Toothman19

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    We are starting to get some inconsistency issues with our models. They don't look like they were fully cured at each layer, I'm assuming I need to add the exposure time?
  7. azecece

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    Do not buy the mono x they are unable to respect the parameters of the slicer.
    I myself have a model which exposes between 5 and 7 seconds when it is told to expose 3s. support response: it's a technical problem, we have to wait: D (since December they have been responding to each problem)

    Proof : I can't send google drive link here but ask me if you want to see a mono x wuth 3s layers make 6-7s layers

    In addition, anti-alliasing does not work well under 3s per coat so forget about 1.5s coats.

    Guess the support responses :

    "Due to Photon Mono X is the latest product at our company,
    if there are technical defects or other problems, our engineers will promptly report back to the R&D department to improve the technical problems of the printer in time."


    "Since this is set by the firmware
    Can only wait for the R&D department to issue a new firmware to solve the problem
    There is no better way now"

    An other ?

    "Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the software problem
    But I have fed your suggestions back to the R&D department
    Let them update the new firmware as soon as possible
    solve this problem"

    Avoid machine, you buy a pre-alpha printer

    Go to phrozen, elegoo They may shine less on their data sheet, but in real life they work much better

    Plus the anti alliansing not work properly under 3s and I will let you guess their answer (hum hum : wait ...)

    And if you take more than 30 days to understand that machine is bullsh*t, too late to ask a retrun ...

    run away

    Sorry for my bad english but I have to prevent people this machine is bad and the test on youtube or other don't specify this (imagine the time I have spend to realise this problem)

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