Projector for DOF FREEDOM

Discussion in 'Wanted Ads' started by ODT, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. ODT

    ODT Active Member

    I am looking for a Projector for the original DOF FREEDOM (not HD) or if anyone would know the brand and type of projector was used in the FREEDOM scanner?
    if you have one just hanging around please let me know.....
    thank you
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  2. BukakiYourMom

    BukakiYourMom BukakiMyMom

    Check if its home cinema brand or OEM.
  3. BukakiYourMom

    BukakiYourMom BukakiMyMom

    Or Korean scanners are like french cars, every few months they change supplier or model of projector so you cant be 100% sure till you open it what is stuffed inside. Major part are not industrial grade and are just sawed off panel home cinema LG/DELL projectors.
  4. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Upgrade it to HD.

    Much better projector life span.

    Original Freedom had terrible projector.

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