Projet 2500 vs 3600w

Discussion in 'Rapid-Prototyping' started by Cass, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. Cass

    Cass Metcon

    Hi all

    Why is the Projet 2500 so much cheaper in comparison to the 3600.
    I have asked our local 3d systems dealer this , he claims Projet have redesigned the printhead , and they are not using the old inkjet heads anymore.
    also its a marketing strategy, as he wont be surprised when the discontinue the 3xxx series in due time.

    Reason for asking , i want to buy 2 of these 2500 series machines to print wax for jewelery rapidprototyping purposes. but i dont want to buy another "cheap" printer and compromise the quality of my current workflow.

    @DMC , your opinion would also be highly valued?

    Thank you
  2. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    I have no idea. Never seen the 2500

    Everyone still uses 3500/3600 in Jewelry manufacturing.

    I doubt they will discontinue that line. No way!
  3. Cass

    Cass Metcon

    over here in South Africa the 2500w is all the noise. the prints compared to our older cpx 3000 are atleast 15% smoother. the wax is more durable and its priced around $ i mentioned the print engine has been revised. im looking for some user reviews regarding the 2500
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  4. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    It still uses piezo Inkjet heads with heaters.

    Same technology but more recent design.


    I have no idea why it is 1/2 the cost of 3500/3600 ??

    I never buy new. Always used for me.
  5. JayH

    JayH New Member

    The 2500 has a smaller print head, so 3 passes vs.1 for the 3600, and a smaller build height. Also the non-wax versions sacrifice some resolution to the 3600.

    I'd be surprised if the 3600 is still being supported a year from now
  6. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Nah....the 3600 is faster and can crank out more part per day. 2-3x more.

    They will keep making that size/price printer. Giving it slight changes as the years go by. Inside it's still basically the same original InVision with newer version Xerox printhead and slight changes.

    Most jewelry people I know own 3-4 or more of the big Ones. Never seen a 2500 in my life.

    Adding another axis to shift printhead only adds more possible error of scanning lines being off.
    Slows down machine to have more repeat passes to finish a layer.

    Nothing is 1/2 price without sacrificing something. Too good to be true, and it's not true.
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  7. Cass

    Cass Metcon

    Yes , you are right , the 2500 uses a smaller printhead , they have dumped the colourcube printhead , and replaced it with one 3d systems build themselves. yes it is smaller(narrower) the software wil allign the pieces to be printed in 3 colums. is it is a small build , it will focus on row nr.1 only , and the speed will be the same as the 3600. if you print in 2 rows , or 3 rows (larger build) the machine will move the y axis to accomodate the larger area. then in theory it will take 3 times loinger. however in practice ive seen differerant results.

    yes granted my cpx 3000 wich i maintain myself is older( still uses encoder strip and cartritdges for material)...the 2500 finishes the print FASTER than my current setup.

    the 2500 is a "platform down" machine instead of "head up"...thus the z axis is limited...but seeing that im printing jewelry and not engine blocks , i dont see how that matters.
    Yes we print wax for casting...and on xhd the 2500 is capable of 16 micron z build. and seeing i, able to afford 2x machines instead of means i wll either double my production reliability or double the capacity.

    so in a nutshell...cons--slower and limited z. pros- price...???.. who else agrees?
  8. mohammadtaiseer

    mohammadtaiseer New Member

    I believe the materials price for pj2500w is double.
    Also as DMC said, having the built in 3 rows will need more alignments.
    Finally, I believe the gold weight for pj2500w materials is higher than the same model out of pj3600..
    You can do a test..
    Send me what's app at 00966545823123

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  9. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    I am sure the 2500 printhead is not made by 3d systems.

    It probably comes from Mitsubishi or HP, or again a different Xerox.

    3d systems just modify it and use different body.
  10. Cass

    Cass Metcon

    I did order a 2500 , and will be running the 2500 and my 10 year old 3000 side by side. i should be able to draw a semi decent comparison
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  11. Cass

    Cass Metcon

    so I have my 2500w installed. First impression , that its darn quick , and compact... updates to foloow
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  12. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Send me a pic of the printhead please
  13. Cass

    Cass Metcon

    all my machines are running now , will do
  14. Pavan

    Pavan New Member


    3DS use This Printhead is 2500
  15. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    3d systems does not have the technology to make a printhead. Again, they use xerox parts
  16. Emildd

    Emildd New Member


    Hello sir. Have you made the comparison between 2500 and 3000?
  17. Sanju_Bhagat

    Sanju_Bhagat New Member

    hi dmc,
    can you please tell in 3dsystems 2500w Printer use xerox print head is same as xerox colourcube 9201 serial print head ?

    Thank you.
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  18. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Cass, the 2500 also uses a xerox printhead. It is not designed by 3d systems. That is bull shit info man.
  19. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    The type of xerox used is on my pc at work. Ill post later what it is.

    You need 120c hot oil and vacuum out the original xerox ink. 3d systems printers don't get hot enough to flush out the colored ink.
  20. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson


    projet 2500 printhead.png
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