Projet 3500 HDMax Missing Jets

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    Hello All!

    I have a projet 3500 HDmax and ive been facing recurring missing jet issues with this machine using M3-X and the S300 support material. Ive raised my jetstack temps to 99C, Ive confirmed and tightened the umbilical cords and tested vacuums from 1.2 all the way to 2.1. I've done purges and test fires with random success, test firings missing only 2 or 3 jets a lot of the time.

    The only things left i have to do is either look at the curve for vacuum and increase temperature of the adapter. Im at the end of my wits with this machine as the Form 2/3 seem to be so much more reliable but this is so much faster for the size of parts as well as lack of support material removal.

    Here is the part that we attempted to print (Injection molding cast of a valve):
    side.jpg side 2.jpg

    Here is one of the Mass Drop print at 99C and 2.2 vac:
    mass jet.jpg

    Here is one at 1.65 vacuum at 99C:
    low vac.jpg

    Thanks for any help!
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    email me Monday with TeamViewer numbers and have machine ON and Warm.

    scott (at) dominionmillingcenter D0t C0m

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