Straumann Variobase for cerec

Discussion in 'exocad' started by mill3d, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. mill3d

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    Is it possible to use cerec ti-bases with exocad and with original straumann scan body? Does anybody have library?
  2. Rigant

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    Why not?? You can do it yourself!rockingrocking

    but first you have to collect everything you need to make the implant library.

    1 the scanbody parameters (rotation angle, connection height)
    2 the height of the interface
    3 the scanbody mesh
    4 the conexion cerec ti-bases mesh

    then you can make the library without problems with the exocad implant editor!!:D:D
    I unified in the same scanbody different brands of interfaces, is not complicated, but you have to ensure the tolerances.
    it is easy to make a mistake with the tolerances, so i recommend validate the library at the end.
    For example, you can scan the final job and register it with the project to see if it is correct.
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  3. mill3d

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    I currently used wax and scanspray :D

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