Study: Oral-B Glide floss contributes to toxic chemicals

Discussion in 'Jokes and non-sense' started by biodentg, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. biodentg

    biodentg Well-Known Member

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  2. 2thm8kr

    2thm8kr ɹotɐɹʇsıuıɯqA Staff Member

    I think there used to be, but you never posted news in it so it got deleted.
  3. biodentg

    biodentg Well-Known Member

    Never too late to open it up again, there are a lot of curiosities out there in the not fake news world. :)
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  4. DMC

    DMC Scott Hudson

    Glide cuts my gums.

    I like regular waxed floss in a cord shape. Not a razor-blade ribbon shape, like Glide.

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