Target 3D Implant Level Library

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    Features of each Implant Kit

    T-1100 System Nobel Biocare Replace Select®
    T-1200 System AstraTech®
    T-1300 System Klockner Essential®
    T-1400 System Evo Implant Multiunit® New!
    T-2100 System
    Nobel Biocare Bränemark®
    T-2200 System Dentsply Friadent Xive®
    T-2300 System Bti Internal®
    T-3100 System Nobel Biocare Active®
    T-3200 System Zimmer Tapered screw Vent®
    T-3300 System Biocomp®
    T-3400 System Prima Connex®
    T-3500 System Adin Touareg CloseFit™
    T-3600 System Bego™ New!
    T-3700 System
    Adin Touareg -S, -OS, _Swell™ New!
    T-4100 System
    Nobel Biocare MultiUnit®
    T-4200 System Bti External®
    T-4300 System Dentium®
    T-5100 System Biomet 3i Certain®
    T-5200 System Klockner SK2®
    T-5300 System Osstem SS System®
    T-5400 System Leader Tixos®
    T-6100 System Biomet 3i Osseotite®
    T-6200 System Implant Direct Bar Abutment®
    T-6300 System Anthogyr Axiom®
    T-6400 System Thommen Medical® New!
    T-6500 System
    BioHex® New!
    T-7100 System
    Straumann Tissue Level®
    T-7200 System Camlog Screw Line® Compatible
    T-7300 System Camlog Isy® Compatible
    T-8100 System Straumann Bone Level®
    T-8200 System Dentsply Friadent Ankylos®
    T-8200 System Dentsply Friadent Ankylos ZS®
    T-8300 System Bredent Sky® Compatible®
    T-9100 System Biohorizons Internal®
    T-9200 System Osstem TS System®
    T-9300 System Global D (Tekka Evl)®
    T-9400 System Global D (In-kone)®
    T-9500 System Mis Seven®
    T-9800 System Surcam Multiunitl® New!
    T-9900 System
    Megagen® New!

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    i have all scan body stl file
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    Can you send scanbody stl files :)
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    Hi, can you send scanbody stl files?

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