who has the machines VHF, share your opinions.

Discussion in 'CNC Machines' started by dentaldesign, Dec 15, 2017.

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    Is this this One of the mills with tool sensor that is not spring-loaded?
    Just complete electrical circuit with tool touching a rigid hard metal surface?

    If so, I hate that design sensor!
    Cheapest piece of shit on the planet. Same with the Roland I think?
    At least put a $10 button on a spring to save tools.
    I never understood this design. :wacky:
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  3. cadfan

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    You mean the fantastic mills Ivoclar ( Wieland) sold in the past and is now off because of the high repairs ??? with these wonderfull small steppers and ballscrews and freaking overheating cnc controllers ??!!
  4. dentaldesign

    dentaldesign D & D

    why do you think you worked with them?
  5. Maks55

    Maks55 CAD/CAM tech

    VHF is a great machine...till it breaks..and it will. They are not made very well in that sense. When they do break they need to be shipped directly to VHF in some cases this means going to Germany. From a professional standpoint You are better off going with Roland. The repairs for the most part can be done in house. Troubleshooting the issue is easier as well (if you have the service manual)
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  6. dentaldesign

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    [QUOTE = "Maks55, post: 21528, участник: 4256"] VHF - отличная машина ... пока она не сломается ... и это будет. В этом смысле они не очень хорошо справляются. Когда они разрываются, их необходимо отправить непосредственно на УКВ, в некоторых случаях это означает выход в Германию. С профессиональной точки зрения Вам лучше пойти с Роландом. Ремонт большей части может быть выполнен в доме. Устранение неполадок также проще (если у вас есть руководство по обслуживанию) [/ QUOTE]

    Спасибо за ответ! Мой друг
  7. Toothman19

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    Never had any major issues with our. All depends on how well you keep up with maintenance
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  8. dentaldesign

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    [QUOTE = "Toothman19, post: 21554, участник: 60"] У нас никогда не было серьезных проблем. Все зависит от того, насколько хорошо вы будете поддерживать обслуживание [/ QUOTE]

    огромное спасибо
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    cant read Russian is it good or bad
  10. Maks55

    Maks55 CAD/CAM tech

    They were just saying thanks for the input. Unless you are referring to something else
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    no thats great thanks
  12. Kam Yu

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    Just received my preciso m205 which is the k5. Super excited to get it running on monday.
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  13. James

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    Had vhf in old lab. Decent cam powering it not their out of the box shit and decent maintainence and we found it worked fine. No issues over like three years?

    Know a few folk destroyed theirs by milling metal and error in their cam calculations... as posted above - out to vhf for expensive repairs
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  14. Kam Yu

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    Thanks for the heads up. Yeah i plan to take care of this mill. Ive seen some results and im very impressed.
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    Super car

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